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fornicators 1
forsaken 2
forsakes 1
forth 35
forthwith 12
fortieth 1
fortify 1
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36 sacrifice
36 state
35 days
35 forth
35 give
35 hope
35 provided

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 1 | bishops and prelates set forth without tergiversation and 2 3,1| from the dead, and poured forth the Holy Ghost upon the 3 3,1| in all their actions show forth modesty, as becomes the 4 3,1| is the true light, shine forth; and that those things which 5 4,1| confession of faith is to be set forth; following herein the examples 6 5,2| and that no one may hence forth dare in any way to apply 7 7,1| as (this Synod) has set forth in the decree on original 8 7,1| charity of God is poured forth, by the Holy Spirit, in 9 7,1| again; Do penance, and bring forth fruits worthy of penance. ~ 10 7,1| charity which is poured forth in their hearts by the Holy 11 7,1| by this holy Synod inset forth in this present decree, 12 8,1| beginning Volentes, set forth in the general Council of 13 8,3| thereupon is more fully set forth: wishing to provide seasonably 14 9,1| have effect from this day forth, and that the Session, already 15 14,1| was, that It might set forth the true and ancient doctrine 16 14,1| Sacrament, in which He poured forth as it were the riches of 17 14,1| His memory, and to show forth his death until He come 18 14,4| city, speak freely and set forth their sentiments before 19 15,1| are neither entirely set forth by the penitents, nor are 20 15,1| whom we satisfy; bringing forth fruits worthy of penance, 21 15,5| outward apparel they may show forth the inward correctness of 22 16,2| to those that shall set forth, or have already repaired 23 16,2| freely to present and set forth all whatsoever they may 24 19,1| perfection, and to show forth the peace of Christ rejoicing 25 19,3| to those that shall set forth, or have already repaired 26 19,3| freely to present and set forth all whatsoever they may 27 22,1| infants, be in this place set forth. Wherefore It forbids all 28 22,2| erecting new parishes is set forth. ~In all parish churches, 29 25,3| and they shall be cast forth from the city or diocese, 30 25,4| the canons elsewhere set forth on this subject, under Paul 31 25,4| been made from that time forth to the present; notwithstanding 32 25,4| incur the penalties set forth against simoniacs by the 33 25,5| which have been already set forth, and other matters which 34 26,3| shall be from that time forth incapable of holding any 35 26,4| which shall from this time forth be made by fathers who are

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