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36 proper
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35 days
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35 give
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Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 6,2| at least on the Lord's days, and solemn feasts, either 2 8,1| appeared ./. in these our days on the subject of the said 3 10,1| Churches during these last days of the great week (of Lent), 4 13 | by this example, in a few days arrive; (the Synod) indicts 5 14,1| be certain appointed holy days, whereon all Christians 6 14,3| be distant more than two days' journey as settled by law, 7 14,3| instance shall, within thirty days, be given gratuitously to 8 14,3| gratuitously within thirty days; otherwise the said case 9 15,1| so great, in these our days, is the multitude of various 10 15,5| to such a pitch, in these days, have the contempt of religion 11 16,1| Synod has, during these days, most accurately and diligently 12 16,2| sufficient audience, and twenty days having expired after they 13 19,1| far and wide, has in these days increased beyond measure, 14 19,3| sufficient audience, and twenty days having expired after they 15 23,1| especially on the Lord's days and festivals. ~CHAPTER 16 23,3| at least on the Lord's days and the greater festivals. 17 23,4| orders on the appointed days, and to discharge all the 18 24,2| Lord, and of Lent, on the days of the Nativity, of the 19 24,2| Corpus Christi, on which days especially the sheep ought 20 24,2| at least on the Lord's days and solemnities. Those who 21 24,2| mass at least on the Lord's Days, and on solemn festivals; 22 25,3| three continuous festival days, between whom marriage is 23 25,3| or, at all events, three days before the consummation 24 25,3| the expiration of thirty days, to be counted from the 25 25,4| this at least on all Lord's Days and solemn festivals; but, 26 25,4| daily, or at least on three days in the week, if the said 27 25,4| at least on the Lord's Days and other festivals, the 28 25,4| seen to raise, in these days, confusion in the jurisdiction 29 25,4| absolutely bound, within eight days after the decease of the 30 25,4| patronage, shall, within ten days, or such other term as the 31 26,3| their churches. The festival days also which the said bishop 32 26,4| therewith on the particular days prescribed by the testators; 33 26,4| within the term of six days: and should they also not 34 26,8| ON FASTS, AND FESTIVAL DAYS.~The holy Synod furthermore 35 26,8| celebration of festival days; often admonishing the people

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