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work 20
worketh 5
working 3
works 34
works-merit 1
world 22
worse 5
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34 due
34 except
34 required
34 works
33 free
33 month
33 moreover

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 1 | For, upon engaging in good works, it often happens, that 2 7,1| said, that Faith without works is dead and profitless; 3 7,1| grace, it is not now by works, otherwise, as the same 4 7,1| faith co-operating with good works, increase in that justice 5 7,1| also, Do you see that by works a man is justified, and 6 7,1| Labour the more that by good works you may make sure your calling 7 7,1| the just sin in all their works, if, in those works, they, 8 7,1| their works, if, in those works, they, together with this 9 7,1| penance, and do the first works. And again; The sorrow that 10 7,1| is, on the merit of good works, and on the nature of that 11 7,1| faithfully rendered to their good works and merits. For this is 12 7,1| accompanies and follows their good works, which without it could 13 7,1| accounted to have, by those very works which have been done in 14 7,1| much is attributed to good works, that Christ promises, that 15 7,1| every man according to his works. After this Catholic doctrine 16 7,1| justified before God by his own works, whether done through the 17 7,1| ways evil, but that the works that are evil God worketh 18 7,1| any one saith, that all works done before Justification, 19 7,1| before God through good works; but that the said works 20 7,1| works; but that the said works are merely the fruits and 21 7,1| God does not impute those works unto damnation; let him 22 7,1| ought not, for their good works done in God, to expect and 23 7,1| sins when he performs good works with a view to an eternal 24 7,1| one saith, that the good works of one that is justified 25 7,1| said justified, by the good works which he performs through 26 14,1| remembrance of his wonderful works; and He commanded us, in 27 15,1| of mind, practise these works of penitence. Add to these 28 15,1| enjoining certain very light works for very grievous crimes, 29 15,1| satisfaction. ~CHAPTER IX. ~On Works of Satisfaction. ~The Synod 30 15,3| almsdeeds, or by other works also of piety; and that, 31 24,2| the example of all good works, to feed them; to have a 32 24,2| shining example of good works and a lesson how to live 33 24,2| Scripture; ecclesiastical works; the homilies of the saints; 34 26,1| prayers, alms, and other works of piety, which have been

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