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drunkards 1
drunkenness 1
ducats 2
due 34
duel 2
duelling 2
dues 1
Frequency    [«  »]
35 wholly
35 wise
34 does
34 due
34 except
34 required
34 works

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 1 | omitted anything that was due from our pastoral office. 2 3,1| any do not sit in their due places, and (thus) deliver 3 6,2| not deprived of the duty due to it,--or let some suitable 4 7,1| be obtained also in its (due) time, if so be, however, 5 8,1| defrauded of the services due to them: no appeals, privileges, 6 8,1| thereunto, or of other services due to them;-all appeals, privileges, 7 10,1| mature deliberation, with due dignity and gravity, (the 8 11,2| Fathers, and in exhibiting due obedience and reverence 9 14,1| worship of latria, which is due to the true God, to this 10 14,3| transgress, to coerce them by due punishments. Towards whom, 11 14,3| assembling them all, the due execution of the law would 12 15,3| mortal sins which after due and diligent previous meditation 13 15,5| is subject, by rendering due obedience to those set over 14 18,1| Pontiff, Pius IV.; and that, due order being observed, those 15 19,1| and of books, and also in due time report thereon to this 16 22,2| persons to whom they shall be due: the contumacy of those 17 22,2| respect be diminished, but due attention be paid thereunto 18 22,2| published to the people at the due times, by the Ordinaries 19 23,3| that the honour and cult due thereunto may, for the glory 20 23,3| celebrate at other than due hours; nor employ other 21 24,2| charity, urgent necessity, due obedience, and the evident 22 24,2| they shall leave, with a due allowance of stipend, a 23 25,4| as possible, though with due carefulness. And during 24 25,4| except that which is of right due to them out of pious bequests-- 25 26,1| and that whatsoever is due on their behalf, from the 26 26,2| veneration and honour are not due to the relics of saints; 27 26,2| particularly in temples, and that due honour and veneration are 28 26,4| that hospitality, which is due at their hands, out of the 29 26,4| the payment of tithes is due to God; and they who refuse 30 26,4| persons, they are lawfully due. And they who either withhold 31 26,4| them paternal honour and due reverence. ~CHAPTER XVIII. ~ 32 26,4| all their own subjects to due reverence towards the clergy, 33 26,4| the princes themselves, due observance to the sacred 34 27 | thanksgivings so justly due should be paid to the divine

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