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real 7
reality 1
really 9
reason 33
reasonable 4
reasons 20
rebaptized 1
Frequency    [«  »]
33 moreover
33 often
33 property
33 reason
33 taken
33 until
32 again

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 1 | conference at Nice, though, by reason of our sins, a true and 2 1 | our presence. And for this reason also, they both begged of 3 6,1| always understood it. For, by reason of this rule of faith, from 4 7,1| member of His body. For which reason it is most truly said, that 5 14,1| Christ. ~CHAPTER II. ~On the reason of the Institution of this 6 14,1| conformable to equity and reason, it is also found enjoined 7 14,1| ought with justice and reason to be retained. And finally 8 15,1| Catholic Church with great reason repudiated and condemned 9 15,1| remission of sins, are for this reason called the parts of penance. 10 15,5| as it is with very good reason that dioceses and parishes 11 15,5| patronage, for any other reason whatever, but that he has 12 16,2| and one that may with reason be approved of and praised 13 17,1| Marcellus, who is absent by reason of a most grievous illness,-- 14 19,3| followed, and one that may with reason be approved of and praised 15 21,1| See presiding therein,--by reason of various difficulties 16 22,1| certain monstrous errors, by reason of which, in some provinces, 17 22,1| not attained to the use of reason, are not by any necessity 18 22,2| offices; and others, by reason of the turpitude of their 19 22,2| otherwise, and which cannot, by reason of the poverty thereof, 20 24,1| away; the holy Synod with reason condemns the opinion of 21 24,2| arise any difficulty, by reason of which the institution, 22 25,1| ancient marriages; with reason have our holy Fathers, the 23 25,3| that those prohibitions, by reason of man's disobedience, are 24 25,3| Experience teaches, that, by reason of the multitude of prohibitions, 25 25,4| Trent. ~And forasmuch as, by reason of the diversity of nations, 26 25,4| which he has made his own by reason even of his prebend and 27 25,4| this examination; or if, by reason of the open factions, or 28 26,4| Benefices shall be observed. ~Reason requires, that, in regulations 29 26,4| order, therefore, that what reason requires may be observed 30 26,4| suitors, and at times also by reason of the distance of places, 31 26,4| But if any urgent and just reason, and at times a greater 32 26,7| other source, since, by reason of the manifold corruptions 33 26,9| Fathers, which, however, by reason of the variety and multitude

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