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fraudulent 1
fraudulently 3
fraught 1
free 33
freed 5
freedom 3
freely 23
Frequency    [«  »]
34 except
34 required
34 works
33 free
33 month
33 moreover
33 often

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 1 | that peace was needful to free and preserve the commonweal 2 1 | unobstructed access, and a safe and free place of residence for all. 3 1 | Trent, a place commodious, free, and convenient for all 4 1 | there may not perhaps be free access to all, unto whom 5 7,1| arise, therefrom; although free will, attenuated as it was 6 7,1| he not able, by his own free will, without the grace 7 7,1| eternal life, as if, by free will without grace, he were 8 7,1| any one saith, that man's free will moved and excited by 9 7,1| that, since Adam's sin, the free will of man is lost and 10 7,1| commanded nor prohibited, but free; or, that the ten commandments 11 8,1| one saith, that baptism is free, that is, not necessary 12 8,1| months if they are at the free disposal of the Apostolic 13 14,3| disorders, then is he to free the other sheep at least 14 15,1| extorted and forced, not free and voluntary. ~CHAPTER 15 15,3| contrition) is a forced and not free and voluntary sorrow; let 16 16,2| security, and of the public and free hearing, by this said Synod 17 17,2| there be kept a safe and free passage through their kingdoms 18 17,2| there may not, perhaps, be free access to all, who ought 19 19,3| security, and of the public and free hearing, by this said Synod 20 22,2| ecclesiastical order ought to be free from every suspicion of 21 25,3| marriages, made with the free consent of the contracting 22 25,3| and being in a safe and free place, shall consent to 23 25,4| It shall nevertheless be free for others also, who may 24 25,4| that period, it shall be free for the parties, or for 25 26,3| be found to be pious and free, and she have the qualifications 26 26,3| suitable one; it shall be free for her to make her profession. 27 26,4| lawful for patrons. Unions of free benefices, to churches under 28 26,4| shall be conferred, as being free, by those who collate thereunto; 29 26,4| shall leave them to the free disposal of the rector, 30 26,4| made by way of union of free benefices with churches 31 26,4| hospitals, in such wise that the free benefices aforesaid are 32 26,4| dignities which were previously free,-which have been acquired 33 27 | voluntarily left the said Council free to determine concerning

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