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prove 6
proved 6
proverbs 1
provide 32
provided 35
providence 6
providendo 1
Frequency    [«  »]
32 once
32 piety
32 presiding
32 provide
32 up
31 anything
31 appeal

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 6,2| may be most convenient, provide in such wise, with the advice 2 7,2| of each may require, and provide the said churches with more 3 7,2| by the Apostolic See, to provide that, by deputing competent 4 8,1| the Ordinary, who shall provide the churches with a Vicar, 5 8,1| Ordinaries are by all means to provide, even by deputing fit vicars 6 8,1| themselves sedulously to provide that the cure of souls be 7 8,1| manner exempted; and to provide by suitable legal remedies 8 8,3| fully set forth: wishing to provide seasonably that so holy 9 14,4| sacrament, and wishing to provide for the salvation of all 10 16,1| touchingreligion,and to provide for its tranquillity, peace 11 16,2| deputies of the Council,- to provide for the safety of the said 12 17,1| the Council, in order to provide for their own churches ; 13 17,2| doubting not they will also provide that there be kept a safe 14 17,2| as we also will similarly provide as far as we are concerned, 15 19,3| deputies of the Council, to provide for the safety of the said 16 22,2| sufficient maintenance, or provide for them in some other manner, 17 22,2| default, the parishioners, to provide for the aforesaid repairs; 18 22,2| and the said bishops shall provide, by suitable measures, even 19 23,3| and under given penalties, provide, that priests do not celebrate 20 24,2| about to depart remember to provide in such sort for their sheep, 21 24,2| archbishop, and sedulously to provide that this holy and pious 22 25,3| the holy Synod, wishing to provide against this inconvenience, 23 25,3| may by suitable remedies provide against this exceeding evil, 24 25,4| in a most useful manner provide those churches therewith, 25 25,4| Chapter, shall have power to provide herein as may be judged 26 25,4| the Sovereign Pontiff may provide, out of certain benefices, 27 25,4| the bishop,-if unable to provide for the exigency by a union 28 25,4| form of examination, to provide accordingly. ~CHAPTER XIX. ~ 29 25,4| unless the other party will provide for his maintenance, and 30 26,3| Superiors shall sedulously provide that this be done. ~Forasmuch 31 26,3| belonging to the same order, provide herein. ~The holy Synod 32 27 | confidence in regard to Us, to provide for the necessities of all

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