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Alphabetical    [«  »]
marks 1
marquises 2
marquisses 1
marriage 32
marriages 13
married 12
marry 6
Frequency    [«  »]
32 duty
32 far
32 like
32 marriage
32 oecumenical
32 once
32 piety

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 25,2| establish impediments dissolving marriage; or that she has erred in 2 25,2| cannot contract another marriage, during the life-time of 3 25,2| chastity, are able to contract marriage, and that being contracted 4 25,2| thing else than to condemn marriage; and, that all who do not 5 25,2| vow thereof, may contract marriage; let him be anathema: seeing 6 25,2| any one saith, that the marriage state is to be placed above 7 25,3| DECREE ON THE REFORMATION OF MARRIAGE~CHAPTER I. ~The form prescribed 8 25,3| for solemnly contracting marriage is renewed.--Bishops may 9 25,3| bans.--Whosoever contracts marriage, otherwise than in the presence 10 25,3| whom they had contracted marriage secretly, they publicly 11 25,3| for the future, before a marriage is contracted, the proper 12 25,3| festival days, between whom marriage is to be celebrated; after 13 25,3| impediment opposed, the marriage shall be proceeded with 14 25,3| probable suspicion that the marriage may be maliciously hindered, 15 25,3| be made; or at least the marriage shall be celebrated in the 16 25,3| shall attempt to contract marriage otherwise than in the presence 17 25,3| shall presume to unite in marriage the betrothed of another 18 25,3| have been present at the marriage, or from whom the benediction 19 25,3| and the place where, the marriage was contracted. ~Finally, 20 25,3| that before they contract marriage, or, at all events, three 21 25,3| and which dissolves the marriage that may have been afterwards 22 25,3| affinity does not dissolve the marriage that may have been afterwards 23 25,3| presume knowingly to contract marriage within the prohibited degrees, 24 25,3| only to contract such a marriage, but also to consummate 25 25,3| holy Synod ordains, that no marriage can subsist between the 26 25,3| this class of vagrants to marriage; and It also exhorts the 27 25,3| contrary to the liberty of marriage. ~Earthly affections and 28 25,3| inheritance,-to contract marriage against their inclination 29 25,3| from freely contracting marriage. ~CHAPTER X. ~The solemnities 30 25,3| CHAPTER X. ~The solemnities of marriage are prohibited at certain 31 25,3| at other times It allows marriage to be solemnly celebrated; 32 25,3| modesty and propriety: for marriage is a holy thing, and is

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