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family 1
fanciful 1
fancying 1
far 32
farm 1
farnese 2
fast 1
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32 again
32 confession
32 duty
32 far
32 like
32 marriage
32 oecumenical

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 1 | wishes. For ourselves, we, as far as in us lay, have not, 2 3,1| to fulfil, in fine, as far as each one shall be able, 3 7,1| original sin,-they were so far the servants of sin, and 4 7,1| this mortal life, ought so far to presume as regards the 5 8,1| one saith, that grace, as far as God's part is concerned, 6 11,2| orthodox religion, and may, as far as in us lies, consult with 7 11,2| in force, and we do, as far as there is need thereof, 8 13 | to fasting and prayer, so far at least as human weakness 9 14,4| to them herein, hath, as far as the said Synod is concerned, 10 14,5| presiding therein,-grants, as far as regards the holy Synod 11 15,1| effect of this sacrament, as far as regards its force and 12 15,1| priests of the Lord ought, as far as the Spirit and prudence 13 17,1| progress at that time; and so far was the holy Synod from 14 17,1| cause to be observed, as far as they are concerned, in 15 17,2| without great horror, how far and wide the pestilence 16 17,2| will similarly provide as far as we are concerned, who 17 19,1| Contained, and is disseminated far and wide, has in these days 18 23,1| through this unbloody one; so far is this (latter) from derogating 19 23,4| fabric of the church, as far as it may need it, or to 20 24,2| their sheep, as that, as far as possible, they may not 21 24,2| legal remedies, even as far as deprivation; and that 22 24,2| church being always, as far as possible, made use of. 23 24,2| restore the said functions, as far as it can be conveniently 24 25,4| Roman Pontiff shall, as far as it can be conveniently 25 25,4| buildings, excepting so far as they are competent to 26 25,4| absolve gratuitously, as far as the tribunal of the conscience 27 25,4| ecclesiastical benefices, in so far as those benefices are concerned; 28 26,3| prudence, make it his care,-as far as he sees that the times 29 26,4| accustom themselves, as far as their revenues will allow, 30 26,4| incontinency may be banished as far as possible from places 31 26,4| observed by all, and, as far as this is possible, without 32 27 | his own subjects, in so far as they are in any way concerned

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