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confessed 2
confesses 3
confessing 3
confession 32
confessions 5
confessor 5
confide 1
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33 taken
33 until
32 again
32 confession
32 duty
32 far
32 like

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 3,1| mouth, and with the same confession of faith, glorify God, and 2 4,1| before all other things, a confession of faith is to be set forth; 3 5,1| laid the foundation of the Confession of faith, will proceed, 4 7,1| but also the sacramental confession of the said sins,-at least 5 14,1| without previous sacramental confession. This the holy Synod hath 6 14,1| celebrate without previous confession, let him confess as soon 7 14,2| declares, that sacramental confession, when a confessor may be 8 15,1| himself, to wit, contrition, confession and satisfaction, are as 9 15,1| voluntary. ~CHAPTER V. ~On Confession. ~From the institution of 10 15,1| understood, that the entire confession of sins was also instituted 11 15,1| penitents enumerated in confession, even though those sins 12 15,1| presumption declared in confession, as the custom of pious 13 15,1| with an open and modest confession. Wherefore, while the faithful 14 15,1| also to be explained in confession, because that, without them, 15 15,1| impious to assert, that confession, enjoined to be made in 16 15,1| as a whole in that same confession; for which sins we confidently 17 15,1| the very difficulty of a confession like this, and the shame 18 15,1| be made known by a public confession. Wherefore, whereas the 19 15,1| whereas the secret sacramental confession, which was in use from the 20 15,1| not ashamed to teach, that confession is alien from the divine 21 15,1| but that the precept of confession should be complied with, 22 15,1| secret sins by a voluntary confession made to any individual whatsoever. 23 15,3| Penance, to wit, contrition, confession, and satisfaction, which 24 15,3| either that sacramental confession was instituted, or is necessary 25 15,3| sin; but (saith) that such confession is only useful to instruct 26 15,3| any one saith, that the confession of all sins, such as it 27 15,3| joke; or saith, that the confession of the penitent is not required, 28 15,3| secret sins by a voluntary confession; let him be anathema. ~CANON 29 16,2| especially those of the Confession of Augsburg,- who shall 30 16,2| which the Germans of the Confession of Augsburg, who may be 31 19,3| especially those of the Confession of Augsburg, who shall come, 32 19,3| which the Germans of the Confession of Augsburg, who may be

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