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deans 3
dear 2
dearly 3
death 31
debt 2
debtors 2
decalogtie 1
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31 appointed
31 case
31 constitution
31 death
31 immemorial
31 v
30 amongst

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 1 | The Hungarians, upon the death of their king, had invited 2 6,1| of God, and consequently death, with which God had previously 3 6,1| him, and, together with death, captivity under his power 4 6,1| thenceforth had the empire of death, that is to say, the devil, 5 6,1| disobedience, has only transfused death, and pains of the body, 6 6,1| not sin also, which is the death of the soul; let him be 7 6,1| into the world, and by sin death, and so death passed upon 8 6,1| and by sin death, and so death passed upon all men, in 9 6,1| into the world, and by sin death, and so death passed upon 10 6,1| and by sin death, and so death passed upon all men in whom 11 6,1| with Christ by baptism into death; who walk not according 12 7,1| power of the devil and of death, that not the Gentiles only 13 7,1| receive the benefit of His death, but those only unto whom 14 7,1| and of the efficacy of the death and resurrection of Christ. 15 7,1| to be justified even to death; and also, Do you see that 16 8,1| or in the very article of death; let him be anathema. ~CANON 17 14,1| memory, and to show forth his death until He come to judge the 18 14,1| victory and triumph of His death are represented. And so 19 14,2| unworthily, and so unto death and condemnation, this holy 20 15,1| which the benefit of the death of Christ is applied to 21 15,1| reservation at the point of death, and that therefore all 22 15,1| as, save at that point of death, priests have no power in 23 15,2| into another like danger of death. Wherefore, they are on 24 15,3| the benefit itself of the death of Christ; let him be anathema. ~ 25 15,5| might defend himself from death, in such wise that, by a 26 15,5| to become vacant by the death of the titulary incumbent, 27 23,1| Father, by means of his death, there to operate an eternal 28 23,1| to be extinguished by His death, in the last supper, on 29 25,4| parish church, whether by death, or by resignation, even 30 26,4| either by the resignation or death of the vicar, or rector, 31 26,4| devil, that by the bloody death of the body, he may accomplish

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