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Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 1 | which we hope may not be the case, they shall be unable to 2 6,2| purpose for ever. And in case that in the said churches 3 6,2| the (matter of) fact,--the case shall have been taken cognizance 4 6,2| special, privilege: in which case the bishop shall proceed 5 8,1| were baptized; and that, in case they answer that they will 6 14,3| the nearest bishops. ~A case of appeal-where there is 7 14,3| shall, if it happen to be a case committed by apostolic authority 8 14,3| the appeal is made, the case shall be committed to one 9 14,3| days; otherwise the said case of appeal shall be terminated 10 14,3| secular court; in which case a certain number of bishops 11 14,3| personally cited, save in a case involving deposition, or 12 14,3| the principal point of the case, unless their testimony 13 15,5| whatever and dignity,-the case shall be committed to the 14 15,5| taking cognizance of the case, and after the prayers and 15 15,5| sufficient endowment. But, in case of such foundation or endowment, 16 22,1| soever; and, whether, in case that, for reasons beseeming 17 22,2| said orders. For in this case the Synod ordains that they 18 22,2| the same may not in any case be alienated, extinguished, 19 22,2| canons. ~CHAPTER IV. ~In what case Coadjutors are to be employed 20 23,4| take upon himself; in this case, during the time that he 21 23,4| deputed thereunto, in that case the Ordinary shall also 22 23,5| soever; and, whether, in that case, for reasons beseeming and 23 24,2| which, whether it be the case, the Synod leaves to the 24 24,2| III. ~Bishops, except in case of illness, shall confer 25 24,2| but shall still in any case have effect, notwithstanding 26 24,2| execution hereof. But in case it should happen that, by 27 25,3| banns precede it; in this case either one publication only 28 25,3| ignorant, he may in this case more easily obtain a dispensation, 29 25,4| CHAPTER XVII. ~In what case it is lawful to confer more 30 26,4| bishop, they shall in this case choose, in conjunction with 31 26,4| expressed, to meet even this case, in the foundation, or institution

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