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apostolical 8
apostolie 1
apparel 1
appeal 31
appeal-from 1
appeal-where 1
appealed 1
Frequency    [«  »]
32 provide
32 up
31 anything
31 appeal
31 appointed
31 case
31 constitution

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 6,2| custom, or exemption, or appeal, or reclamation, or action 2 8,1| himself, by means of an appeal, from being bound to undergo 3 14,3| those bishops there shall be appeal. ~The same sacred and holy 4 14,3| under the subterfuge of an appeal, impede the process of the 5 14,3| causes, there shall be no appeal, before the definitive sentence, 6 14,3| bound to defer to any such appeal, as being frivolous; but 7 14,3| ulterior measures, that appeal, or any inhibition whatsoever 8 14,3| emanating from a judge of appeal, as also every usage and 9 14,3| sentence, or that there is no appeal from the said definitive 10 14,3| untouched. ~CHAPTER II. ~An appeal from the bishop in criminal 11 14,3| it be from him that the appeal is made, the case shall 12 14,3| accused. And he, from whom the appeal is made, shall furnish on 13 14,3| otherwise the said case of appeal shall be terminated without 14 22,2| manner, setting aside any appeal or exemption whatsoever. 15 22,2| aside every exemption or appeal whatsoever. ~CHAPTER VII. ~ 16 22,2| repairs; setting aside every appeal, exemption, or reservation 17 23,4| Ordinary; nor shall any appeal ./. suspend the execution 18 23,4| granting inhibitions after an appeal, be bound to observe the 19 23,4| and causes; nor shall any appeal on their parts suspend the 20 24,2| a corruption, or by any appeal, or inhibition, even in 21 24,2| even immemorial, or any appeal, and allegation, which might 22 24,2| who is fit, without any appeal being allowed; but should 23 25,4| exemption, or any inhibition, or appeal, or complaint, even though 24 25,4| shall any devolution, or appeal, interposed even before 25 25,4| cannot be redressed by an appeal from that definitive sentence. 26 25,4| Furthermore, should any individual appeal in those cases allowed of 27 25,4| expense, to the judge of appeal, all the acts of the proceedings 28 25,4| may acquaint the judge of appeal therewith. But if the appellee 29 26,3| penalties, without regarding any appeal whatsoever, the disobedient 30 26,3| settle, without regarding any appeal; anything to the contrary 31 26,4| excommunication. Nor shall any appeal, or exemption, hinder or

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