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Alphabetical    [«  »]
very 65
vestments 2
vi 22
vicar 30
vicar-general 3
vicarage 1
vicarages 1
Frequency    [«  »]
30 henceforth
30 last
30 think
30 vicar
29 always
29 because
29 cardinals

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 7,2| provident vigilance of His own vicar on earth, it will surely 2 7,2| cure of souls, substitute a vicar in his stead, withdrawing 3 8,1| provide the churches with a Vicar, assigning a suitable portion 4 14,3| from the bishop or his vicar general in spirituals, against 5 14,3| shall the bishop, nor his vicar, be bound to defer to any 6 14,3| the bishop, or that of his vicar general, shall, if it happen 7 14,3| metropolitan, or even to his vicar general in spirituals; or 8 14,3| the bishop, or from his vicar general in spirituals, shall 9 14,3| bishop, by himself or by his vicar general in spirituals, without 10 24,2| allowance of stipend, a suitable vicar, to be approved of by the 11 25,4| either by themselves, or by a vicar to be deputed especially 12 25,4| appoint an official, or vicar, or to confirm the one who 13 25,4| a competent steward and vicar. And the bishop, who is 14 25,4| from the said steward, vicar, and all other officers 15 25,4| Church becoming vacant, a Vicar is to be deputed thereunto 16 25,4| if need be, a competent vicar to the same--with a suitable 17 25,4| individuals, the bishop, or his vicar, may add theirs, in favour 18 25,4| by the bishop, or by his vicar, in the diocesan Synod; 19 25,4| execution: for the rest, the vicar whom the bishop has, at 20 25,4| by the appointment of the vicar himself, or of some other 21 26,3| examined by him, or by his vicar; the monastery of Cluny 22 26,3| of the bishop, or of his vicar, within the two months immediately 23 26,3| absent, or hindered, his vicar, or some one deputed thereunto 24 26,4| consent the bishop, or his vicar, shall be bound to proceed, 25 26,4| nor shall the bishop's vicar be allowed to do it. But 26 26,4| shall be assigned to the Vicar who exercises the cure of 27 26,4| assigned to a perpetual vicar; notwithstanding any graces 28 26,4| transferred to a perpetual vicar, even though they be found 29 26,4| not been assigned to the vicar of the church, by what name 30 26,4| resignation or death of the vicar, or rector, or in whatsoever

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