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helped 1
helps 1
hence 4
henceforth 30
her 28
heralds 1
here 8
Frequency    [«  »]
30 concerning
30 effect
30 examined
30 henceforth
30 last
30 think
30 vicar

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 3,1| heretofore committed, and to walk henceforth in the fear of the Lord; 2 5,2| ordains and decrees, that, henceforth, the sacred Scripture, and 3 7,1| strictly forbidding that any henceforth presume to believe, preach, 4 8,1| as also those which shall henceforth be made at the instance 5 14,1| believe, teach, or preach henceforth concerning the holy Eucharist, 6 22,1| faithful in Christ to presume henceforth to believe, teach, or preach 7 22,2| holy Synod ordains, that henceforth no secular cleric, though 8 22,2| pension, they shall not henceforth be ordained, except such 9 22,2| soever, their name and use be henceforth utterly abolished; nor shall 10 22,2| It decrees, that they are henceforth to be published to the people 11 23,4| shunned,--the same shall be henceforth observed, under the same 12 24,2| this decree. ~It shall not henceforth be lawful for abbots, or 13 24,2| shall judge expedient. And, henceforth, those offices, or dignities, 14 25,4| certain churches, shall henceforth visit those same places, 15 25,4| Wherefore, no one shall henceforth be promoted to any dignities 16 25,4| them anything. No one shall henceforth be received to a dignity, 17 26,3| the convent. Nor shall it henceforth be lawful for Superiors 18 26,3| holy Synod permits that henceforth real property may be possessed 19 26,3| shall any such places be henceforth erected, without the permission 20 26,4| by this same Synod. And henceforth, all those who shall be 21 26,4| even though by con-sent, be henceforth granted to any individual; 22 26,4| succession, the same shall henceforth be observed; (to wit) that 23 26,4| government of such places be henceforth en-trusted to one and the 24 26,4| effect, as also such as shall henceforth be made, at the instance 25 26,4| forty years, or that may henceforth be acquired, whether through 26 26,4| Ordinaries of the places, may henceforth be committed those ecclesiastical 27 26,4| to pay tithes, that they henceforth pay in full the tithes, 28 26,4| pious places; the same shall henceforth, with all its rights, and 29 26,4| cure of souls, shall not henceforth be converted into a simple 30 26,4| episcopal dignity, enjoin, that henceforth bishops abstain from the

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