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Alphabetical    [«  »]
superior 29
superioress 1
superioresses 2
superiors 29
superstition 7
superstitions 1
superstitious 1
Frequency    [«  »]
29 obtained
29 punished
29 superior
29 superiors
29 towards
29 truth
28 cases

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 5,2| license of ecclesiastical superiors, the said books of sacred 2 5,2| license also from their own superiors, who shall have examined 3 6,2| knowledge, by their own superiors, and with his license; with 4 6,2| the license of their own superiors they shall be obliged to 5 16,2| command and leave of their superiors, to return to their own 6 19,3| command and leave of their superiors, to return to their own 7 22,2| fatherly admonitions, that the superiors of the said Regulars observe, 8 22,2| in the same way as the superiors themselves might do, in 9 23,4| similar attestation from the superiors of his own order. And all 10 23,4| that God, and their own superiors, will punish them. ~CHAPTER 11 26,3| which they have professed; Superiors shall sedulously provide 12 26,3| diligence shall be used by the Superiors, both in the general and 13 26,3| henceforth be lawful for Superiors to allow any real property 14 26,3| removable at the will of their Superiors. ~The Superiors shall allow 15 26,3| of their Superiors. ~The Superiors shall allow the use of moveables, 16 26,3| of repairing to their own Superiors; unless they have been sent, 17 26,3| men, the bishops and other Superiors shall, if they think it 18 26,3| Manner of choosing Regular Superiors.~In order that everything 19 26,3| election of all manner of superiors, temporary abbots, and other 20 26,3| Convent. ~Bishops and other Superiors of convents of nuns, shall 21 26,3| confessor, the bishop and other superiors shall, twice or thrice a 22 26,3| which the abbots, or other Superiors or Regulars, exercise episcopal 23 26,3| noviciate is ended, the Superiors shall admit those novices, 24 26,3| his order. ~CHAPTER XX. ~Superiors of orders not subject to 25 26,3| of orders, and the other Superiors of the aforesaid orders, 26 26,3| and generals, and other Superiors of the above-named orders ; 27 26,3| abbots, generals, and other superiors in the execution of the 28 26,4| being admonished by their superiors, they shall not abstain 29 26,4| shall seem good to their superiors, for a cause, to grant them

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