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Alphabetical    [«  »]
sundry 2
superfluous 2
superinduce 1
superior 29
superioress 1
superioresses 2
superiors 29
Frequency    [«  »]
29 need
29 obtained
29 punished
29 superior
29 superiors
29 towards
29 truth

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 7,2| applied, by an ecclesiastical superior, to the fabric of the church 2 15,1| persuade penitents to repair to superior and lawful judges for the 3 15,5| bishop, or other ordinary superior; or prevent him from being 4 15,5| permission easily from their superior to remain out of their monastery, 5 15,5| apostatizing; no prelate or superior of any order shall be allowed, 6 15,5| under obedience to his own superior, in the order itself to 7 24,1| Church of God; that they are superior to priests; administer the 8 24,1| saith, that bishops are not superior to priests; or, that they 9 24,2| default, his ecclesiastical superior for him, to apply them to 10 24,2| been set over cathedral, or superior, churches, if they shall 11 24,2| towards priests and the superior orders, and by a more frequent 12 25,4| promoted to cathedral and superior churches, yet doth it account 13 25,4| them, to have recourse to superior, but otherwise competent, 14 25,4| parties be received by any superior judges whatsoever; nor shall 15 26,3| immediately delivered up to the Superior, and be incorporated with 16 26,3| without the permission of his Superior, either place himself at 17 26,3| permission from his own Superior; nor shall any privilege 18 26,3| at the discretion of his Superior. Nor shall it be lawful 19 26,3| of the bishop, or of the Superior, obtained in writing, under 20 26,3| But the bishop, or the Superior ought to grant this permission 21 26,3| the same order. But if the superior who presides over the election 22 26,3| of the bishop, or other superior, there may be one chosen 23 26,3| be the bishop, or other superior, shall not enter the enclosure 24 26,3| severely punished by his own Superior, within such time as the 25 26,3| bishop shall appoint; and the Superior shall certify to the bishop 26 26,3| of his office by his own Superior, and the delinquent may 27 26,3| without the permission of his superior; shall be listened to, unless 28 26,3| produced before his own superior, and the Ordinary, the reasons 29 26,4| parish priests, and the superior orders; nor permit that

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