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necessitated 1
necessities 10
necessity 18
need 29
needful 8
needless 1
needs 10
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29 ii
29 live
29 mercy
29 need
29 obtained
29 punished
29 superior

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 3,1| that those things which need reformation may be reformed; 2 6,1| sin from Adam, which has need of being expiated by the 3 7,2| often as there shall be need; everything which might 4 11,2| we do, as far as there is need thereof, hereby renew them; 5 14,3| transgression, there be need of the rod, then is rigour 6 15,1| there would not have been need for another sacrament, besides 7 15,1| the minister of baptism need not be a judge, seeing that 8 15,5| whensoever there shall be need; no exemptions, declarations, 9 15,5| monk, it is nevertheless need ful that clerics always 10 17,2| Christian people stood in need of correction; we began, 11 22,2| Ordinary, and, where there is need, be by him set in order. 12 23,1| Levitical priesthood; there was need, God, the Father of mercies, 13 23,4| church, as far as it may need it, or to some other pious 14 24,2| or pious place, for the need, or utility of which he 15 24,2| to modify or enlarge, if need be, the contents hereof. ~ 16 25,3| aid of the Secular arm, if need be; the other penalties 17 25,4| thereunto by their bishops, if need be, even by ecclesiastical 18 25,4| the vernacular tongue, if need be, and it can be conveniently 19 25,4| their dioceses, stand in need of being aided by certain 20 25,4| the church, to appoint, if need be, a competent vicar to 21 25,4| only to God, but also, if need be, to the provincial Synod, 22 26,3| calling in for this end, if need be, the aid of the Secular 23 26,3| towns, calling in even, if need be, the aid of the Secular 24 26,3| And the bishop shall, if need be, enforce by ecclesiastical 25 26,4| be any other things that need correction and reformation 26 26,4| they shall find stand in need of some regulation in this 27 26,4| even with deprivation if need be. ~CHAPTER XV. ~The illegitimate 28 27 | decrees; calling in also, if need be, the help of the secular 29 27 | shall appear to stand in need on that account of an interpretation

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