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29 exempted
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29 ii
29 live
29 mercy
29 need
29 obtained

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 6,2| being Regulars in name, live nevertheless out of their 2 7,1| debtors, not to the flesh, to live according to the flesh; 3 7,1| to the flesh; for if you live according to the flesh, 4 7,1| of the flesh, you shall live. ~CHAPTER XIV. ~On the fallen, 5 7,1| may be able more easily to live justly, and to merit eternal 6 7,2| clerics and of Regulars who live out of their monasteries, 7 8,1| Seculars, or Regulars who live out of their monasteries,- 8 14,1| and strengthened those who live with His life who said, 9 14,1| me, the same also shall live by me; and as an antidote, 10 15,1| is in Christ: in whom we live; in whom we merit; in whom 11 15,5| and this provided they live at his proper cost. Neither 12 22,1| eateth this bread shall live for ever (v. 59); and He 13 22,1| eateth this bread shall live for ever (v. 59.) ~CHAPTER 14 22,2| who have not wherewith to live, are excluded from sacred 15 22,2| it be certain that he can live conveniently from other 16 22,2| other source wherewith to live; renewing hereupon the penalties 17 22,2| whatsoever. But, those who live shamefully and scandalously, 18 24,2| God's help, to be able to live continently; they shall 19 24,2| works and a lesson how to live may be expected from them. 20 25,3| sins of those parties who live on in a state of damnation, 21 25,3| marry another, and with her live in per- ./. petual adultery; 22 25,3| bridegroom and bride not to live together in the same house 23 25,3| the parties continue to live on, not without great sin, 24 25,3| for married men also to live in this state of damnation, 25 25,3| or single, who publicly live with adulterers or with 26 25,3| both men and women, who live under their jurisdiction,- 27 25,4| enclosures and houses, and live under obedience to them; 28 26,3| being excepted who always live in more strict enclosure. ~ 29 26,4| to the service of God, to live in the filth of impurity,

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