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execution 21
executors 1
exempt 5
exempted 29
exemption 13
exemptions 12
exemptions-even 1
Frequency    [«  »]
29 cardinals
29 constitutions
29 declares
29 exempted
29 found
29 ii
29 live

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 6,2| whatsoever way, said to be exempted, or haply annexed or united 2 6,2| should plead that he is exempted by a general, or special, 3 8,1| whatsoever, in whatsoever manner exempted; and to provide by suitable 4 8,1| XIV. ~The civil causes of exempted persons which may be taken 5 8,1| bishops. ~In the causes of exempted persons, the Constitution 6 8,1| their monasteries,-howsoever exempted, and even though they may 7 8,1| of hospitals, even those exempted, be faithfully governed 8 8,1| and in what way soever exempted: observing herein the form 9 15,5| diocese, even though it be exempted, or in a monastery of whatsoever 10 15,5| Secular clerics,--howsoever exempted, who would otherwise be 11 15,5| consideration of the said exempted clerics. ~CHAPTER V. ~The 12 15,5| considered, and are, wholly exempted. ~CHAPTER VI. ~A penalty 13 15,5| ecclesiastical persons, howsoever exempted, who are either in sacred 14 24,2| persons whatsoever, howsoever exempted, being within the limits 15 24,2| of no diocese, or to be exempted, to confer the tonsure, 16 24,2| the said abbots, and other exempted persons, or any colleges, 17 24,2| patronage, even those that are exempted, that are of no diocese, 18 24,2| places, even such as are exempted; as also of the revenues 19 24,2| wills that those places be exempted, except in regard of such 20 25,4| which all those even who are exempted, but who would otherwise, 21 25,4| visiting benefices, even though exempted, the same shall also be 22 25,4| to give occasion to those exempted to lead a more relaxed life; 23 25,4| itself the metropolitan, or exempted, and the Chapter shall be, 24 25,4| regard of that church that is exempted, have power to appoint a 25 26,2| place, or church, howsoever exempted, except that image have 26 26,3| diocese, shall be kept by all exempted persons, even though Regulars. ~ 27 26,3| disputes about precedency. Exempted persons, not living in the 28 26,3| notwithstanding. And all exempted persons whatsoever, as well 29 26,4| regard of the visitation of exempted Chapters. ~The holy Synod

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