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undergone 1
understand 8
understanding 8
understood 28
undertake 2
undertaken 2
undertook 2
Frequency    [«  »]
28 patronage
28 possible
28 religion
28 understood
27 away
27 bread
27 customs

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 6,1| the remission of sins, is understood to be not true, but false, -- 2 6,1| have sinned, is not to be understood otherwise than as the Catholic 3 6,1| spread everywhere hath always understood it. For, by reason of this 4 6,1| Catholic Church has never understood it to be called sin, as 5 6,2| duty is not attached, be understood to be ipso facto set apart 6 6,2| which however is not to be understood of lecturers in convents 7 7,1| what manner it is to be understood, that the impious is justified 8 7,1| freely, those words are to be understood in that sense which the 9 14,1| meaning in which they were understood by the Fathers,-it is indeed 10 14,1| this heavenly sacrament are understood by a Christian, the more 11 15,1| all the Fathers has ever understood, that the power of forgiving 12 15,1| universal Church has always understood, that the entire confession 13 15,1| after diligent thought, are understood to be included as a whole 14 15,2| sacrament. For the Church has understood the matter thereof to be 15 15,2| by which name are to be understood, in that place, not the 16 15,3| retained, are not to be understood of the power of forgiving 17 15,3| always from the beginning understood them; but wrests them, contrary 18 17,1| Council shall be, and be understood to be, restored to its full 19 22,1| Fathers and Doctors it be understood,--that the communion of 20 23,1| Catholic Church has always understood and taught. For, having 21 23,4| These things are to be understood as appointed for those churches 22 25,4| whatsoever; nothing is to be understood as being, by these privileges, 23 25,4| privileges shall in no wise be understood to apply to those who hold 24 25,4| collegiate and parochial, it is understood to be the practice, derived 25 26,3| it shall not otherwise be understood as obtaining effect, unless 26 26,4| general studies, shall be understood to wholly abrogated and 27 26,4| excommunicated, and shall be understood to be deprived of jurisdiction 28 26,4| Apostolic See both is, and is understood to be, untouched thereby ~

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