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possessions 1
possessors 1
possibility 1
possible 28
possibly 3
posterity 1
postponed 3
Frequency    [«  »]
28 her
28 number
28 patronage
28 possible
28 religion
28 understood
27 away

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 1 | should be held as soon as possible. Nor, indeed, had we ever 2 5,2| the most correct manner possible; and that it shall not be 3 14,1| firmly to believe, to be possible unto God: for thus all our 4 14,1| let him confess as soon as possible. ~CHAPTER VIII. ~On the 5 15,1| refuted in the plainest manner possible. And truly the nature of 6 17,2| retard at least as long as possible, though unable entirely 7 23,3| performed with the greatest possible inward cleanness and purity 8 23,4| again into use as soon as possible, and be accurately observed 9 24,2| sheep, as that, as far as possible, they may not suffer any 10 24,2| bishop himself, as soon as possible, letters testimonial containing 11 24,2| being always, as far as possible, made use of. But each one 12 24,2| pious work be as soon as possible proceeded with, wherever 13 24,2| proceeded with, wherever it is possible. The bishop shall annually 14 25,3| Ordinaries, that they, as soon as possible, make it their care that 15 25,4| transmitted, as soon as possible, with all the attestations 16 25,4| visitation as speedily as possible, though with due carefulness. 17 25,4| exercised as frequently as possible, for the welfare of the 18 25,4| all churches, where it is possible, be masters in theology, 19 25,4| same be done, as soon as possible, in those cities and places 20 25,4| it be terminated with all possible despatch; nor, before that 21 26,3| in execution as soon as possible, It enjoins on all bishops 22 26,4| deceased, that it is not possible to comply therewith on the 23 26,4| complete and useful manner possible, empowers bishops in diocesan 24 26,4| observed, or, if that be not possible, he shall, as above, regulate 25 26,4| in as brief a period as possible; and to meet in every way, 26 26,4| may be banished as far as possible from places consecrated 27 26,4| shall be assigned as soon as possible, and within a year at the 28 26,4| and, as far as this is possible, without distinction. But

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