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patrimonial 2
patrimony 2
patron 6
patronage 28
patronage-from 1
patrons 8
pattern 2
Frequency    [«  »]
28 forasmuch
28 her
28 number
28 patronage
28 possible
28 religion
28 understood

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 15,5| shall obtain a right of patronage, except by means of a foundation, 2 15,5| obtain, or acquire a right of patronage, for any other reason whatever, 3 15,5| which are under his right of patronage, except to the ordinary 4 22,2| they be under a right of patronage, make it their care that 5 23,1| victories, he implores their patronage, that they may vouchsafe 6 23,4| deprived of the right of patronage. And the cleric who shall 7 24,2| which are under any right of patronage, even those that are exempted, 8 25,4| patron, if the right of patronage belong to laymen,-the fruits 9 25,4| he who has the right of patronage, shall, within ten days, 10 25,4| be under ecclesiastical patronage, and the institution thereunto 11 25,4| But if it be under lay patronage, the individual who shall 12 26,4| In what manner a right of patronage is to be proved, and to 13 26,4| churches under right of patronage, prohibited. Rights of patronage, 14 26,4| patronage, prohibited. Rights of patronage, not legitimately obtained, 15 26,4| the legitimate rights of patronage, and to violate the pious 16 26,4| the title to the right of patronage shall be (derived) from 17 26,4| writings. All other rights of patronage, in regard to benefices, 18 26,4| as to have the force of patronage, or, by virtue of any other 19 26,4| excepting the rights of patronage belong to cathedral churches, 20 26,4| excepting such other (rights of patronage) as belong to the emperor, 21 26,4| as also those (rights of patronage) which have been bestowed 22 26,4| endowment, under their right of patronage; but shall leave them to 23 26,4| canons, the said right of patronage, by sale, or under any other 24 26,4| aforesaid right itself of patronage. Moreover, those accessions 25 26,4| subject to the right of patronage, even of laymen, whether 26 26,4| under the (same) right of patronage; such (accessions), if they 27 26,4| also whatsoever rights of patronage,-over churches, and any 28 26,4| wholly revoke such rights of patronage as they shall find not to

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