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deprive 1
deprived 21
depute 4
deputed 28
deputies 8
deputing 4
derive 3
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29 truth
28 cases
28 charity
28 deputed
28 dignities
28 forasmuch
28 her

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 8,1| perpetual vicars; who shall be deputed thereunto with a portion, 2 8,1| which (vicars) shall be deputed thereunto by those Ordinaries, 3 8,1| the spot a special judge deputed by the Apostolic See; and 4 8,3| same advice, appointed and deputed you as Legates a latere 5 14,5| desire that certain judges be deputed on their behalf, in regard 6 15,5| obtain certain judges to be deputed by means of letters conservatory, 7 15,5| whatsoever be the judges deputed, or under whatsoever other 8 15,5| of the person that may be deputed by the said bishop: otherwise, 9 16,2| withdrawing to those who shall be deputed hereunto by the said Synod, 10 19,3| withdrawing, to those who shall be deputed hereunto by the said Synod, 11 22,2| be, for the time being, deputed with a portion of the fruits; 12 23,4| to be rendered to others deputed thereunto, in that case 13 24,2| provided the said clerks, being deputed by the bishop to the service 14 24,2| and of the same number deputed from the clergy of the city. ~ 15 25,4| visitors also who may be deputed by a Chapter, where the 16 25,4| hindered, by others to be deputed by the bishop, whether it 17 25,4| Council only, or by persons deputed thereunto by the provincial 18 25,4| themselves, or by a vicar to be deputed especially for that purpose, 19 25,4| from the Chapter, or those deputed thereby. The Chapter shall 20 25,4| vacant, a Vicar is to be deputed thereunto by the Bishop, 21 25,4| presence of those who shall be deputed as examiners, certain clerics 22 25,4| examined, as above, by those deputed thereunto, and not be admitted, 23 25,4| own discretion, already deputed for the time being to the 24 25,4| advice of the (examiners) deputed, he shall judge this expedient; 25 26,3| Bishops; but others, by those deputed in the General Chapters, 26 26,3| are governed, by persons deputed in general Chapters, or 27 26,3| removable at pleasure, be deputed thereunto, save with the 28 26,3| his vicar, or some one deputed thereunto by them, and at

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