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charges 2
charging 2
charitable 2
charity 28
charles 5
chaste 1
chastened 2
Frequency    [«  »]
29 towards
29 truth
28 cases
28 charity
28 deputed
28 dignities
28 forasmuch

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 1 | our will, with paternal charity, to their demands. Accordingly, 2 1 | treat of, and, with the charity of all conspiring to one 3 6,2| established by the piety and charity of the most religious princes 4 7,1| enemies, for the exceeding charity wherewith he loved us, merited 5 7,1| same most holy Passion, the charity of God is poured forth, 6 7,1| at once, faith, hope, and charity. For faith, unless hope 7 7,1| For faith, unless hope and charity be added thereto, neither 8 7,1| but faith which worketh by charity. This faith, Catechumen' 9 7,1| which, without hope and charity, faith cannot bestow: whence 10 7,1| increase of faith, hope, and charity." ~CHAPTER XI. ~On keeping 11 7,1| exclusion of the grace and the charity which is poured forth in 12 7,1| he, who has faith without charity, is not a Chris taught; 13 14,1| symbol of that unity and charity, with which He would fain 14 14,1| bond of faith, hope, and charity, that we might all speak 15 14,1| lively faith which worketh by charity, made sensible of the fruit 16 14,1| of unity, in this bond of charity, in this symbol of concord; 17 14,3| exhortation more than menace; charity more than power. But if, 18 14,4| of one faith, hope, and charity, (and) yielding to them 19 15,1| contrition is perfect through charity, and reconciles man with 20 16,2| dispute, or to confer in charity, without any hindrance, 21 19,1| this holy Synod; to embrace charity, which is the bond of perfection, 22 19,3| dispute, or to confer in charity, without any hindrance with 23 22,1| consonant with Christian charity, it appears that the use 24 22,2| alms, and the succours of charity which are offered them, 25 23,4| called monts-de-piete, or of charity, and all pious places by 26 23,5| consonant with Christian charity, it appears that the use 27 24,2| subjoined. For whereas Christian charity, urgent necessity, due obedience, 28 26,4| that, of their Christian charity, and the duty which they

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