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thessalonians 1
they 753
thieves 2
thing 27
things 173
think 30
thinking 2
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27 judgment
27 presume
27 sufficient
27 thing
26 accordance
26 ancient
26 blood

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 1 | though of opinion that every thing might be transacted more 2 1 | all, let this--which is a thing very easy on their parts-- 3 7,1| herein promise himself any thing as certain with an absolute 4 7,1| extinguished; or, that it is a thing with only a name, yea a 5 14,1| is a symbol of a sacred thing, and is a visible form of 6 14,1| this excellent and peculiar thing, that the other sacraments 7 14,3| mitigated; and whereas it is a thing not to be borne, that a 8 14,4| so may all say the same thing, believe the same, think 9 15,1| parts of penance. But the thing signified indeed and the 10 15,1| those who receive it: a thing which the Church of God 11 15,1| might indeed seem a grievous thing, were it not alleviated 12 15,1| Christ should confess,--a thing which it knew to be necessary, 13 15,1| this Synod ratifies it as a thing most true, that the absolution, 14 15,2| Sacrament. ~Moreover the thing signified and the effect 15 15,2| be forgiven him. For the thing here signified is the grace 16 17,2| unable entirely to prevent, a thing so advantageous to the Church. 17 22,2| custom of not receiving any thing does not prevail,--shall 18 23,3| singing, there is mixed up any thing lascivious or impure; as 19 24,1| a priesthood is a divine thing; to the end that it might 20 25,2| that the contrary is no thing else than to condemn marriage; 21 25,3| of the parish priest any thing be done contrary hereto, 22 25,3| Wherefore, seeing that it is a thing especially execrable to 23 25,3| for marriage is a holy thing, and is to be treated in 24 26,3| their profession, every thing that was theirs be restored 25 26,4| hereditary succession is a thing odious to the sacred constitutions, 26 26,4| prescribed.~How shameful a thing, and how unworthy it is 27 26,4| and unclean bondage, the thing itself doth testify, in

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