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Alphabetical    [«  »]
judge 55
judged 8
judges 27
judgment 27
judgment-seat 1
judgments 2
judicature 1
Frequency    [«  »]
27 examination
27 force
27 judges
27 judgment
27 presume
27 sufficient
27 thing

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 3,1| the rectitude of a correct judgment be warped by the mind being 2 6,1| approved councils, and the judgment and consent of the Church 3 7,1| as well the severity and judgment, as the mercy and goodness ( 4 7,1| examined and judged, not by the judgment of man, but of God, who 5 14,1| unworthily, eateth and drinketh judgment to himself. Wherefore, he 6 14,3| tempered with gentleness, judgment with mercy, severity with 7 15,1| that the Church exercises judgment on no one who has not entered 8 15,1| not have exercised this judgment without knowledge of the 9 15,1| the nature and order of a judgment require this, that sentence 10 15,1| reserve, for their special judgment, certain more grievous cases 11 15,5| to bring up any one for judgment before his own judges conservatory. 12 22,1| godliness, and following the judgment and usage of the Church 13 22,2| according to the bishop's judgment, out of the fruits in any 14 23,4| subject to the examination and judgment of the Bishops. ~Whereas 15 24,2| flock, they feed and rule in judgment and in truth. And for fear 16 24,2| church, in the bishop's judgment, shall require otherwise. ~ 17 24,2| be ordained, who, in the judgment of his own bishop, is not 18 24,2| thereof, according to the judgment of the Ordinary. And if 19 24,2| Lord Jesus Christ as the judgment of their confessor shall 20 24,2| Ordinary. And if, in the judgment of the bishop, those chosen 21 25,3| leaves to his prudence and judgment. Those who shall attempt 22 25,4| shall not be left to the judgment of deans, archdeacons, and 23 26,3| enjoins on all bishops, by the judgment of God to which It appeals, 24 26,4| shall be left to his own judgment and conscience, when, considering 25 26,4| proceedings, and in giving judgment, they abstain from ecclesiastical 26 26,4| apprehended, and where, that judgment may not be eluded, it is 27 26,9| Pontiff, that it may be by his judgment and authority terminated

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