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virtues 2
visible 8
visit 13
visitation 26
visitations 3
visited 15
visiting 2
Frequency    [«  »]
26 son
26 teach
26 viii
26 visitation
25 absent
25 act
25 belong

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 14,3| that: In causes relative to visitation and correction, or to competency 2 15,5| even out of the time of visitation.~All prelates of the churches, 3 15,5| even out of the times of visitation, all Secular clerics,--howsoever 4 25,4| Prelates are to make their visitation. ~Patriarchs, primates, 5 25,4| its extent, to make the visitation of the whole annually, they 6 25,4| after having made a complete visitation of their own proper diocese, 7 25,4| exercise (the power of) visitation in certain churches, shall 8 25,4| Chapter has the right of visitation, shall be first approved 9 25,4| within a month, of the visitation that has been made, and 10 25,4| aforesaid, to whom the right of visitation belongs, are admonished 11 25,4| endeavour to complete the said visitation as speedily as possible, 12 25,4| way of agency fee for the visitation, or, on account of wills 13 25,4| the time necessary for the visitation, and no longer. It shall, 14 25,4| shall they meddle with the visitation of the ornaments of the 15 25,4| notwithstanding. ~CHAPTER X. ~Where visitation and correction of morals 16 25,4| those things which regard visitation and correction of manners, 17 25,4| dioceses. Nor herein, when visitation and correction of manners 18 25,4| when on their course of visitation, but shall be reserved for 19 26,2| celebration of the saints, and the visitation of relics be by any perverted 20 26,3| sacraments, to the jurisdiction, visitation, and correction of the bishop 21 26,3| decreed relative to the visitation of monasteries held in commendam ; 22 26,4| whom belong the charge, visitation, and reformation of universities 23 26,4| and are subject to his visitation, his Blessedness will take 24 26,4| to act in regard of the visitation of exempted Chapters. ~The 25 26,4| when the bishop makes his visitation, but also as often as he 26 26,4| institutes proceedings out of visitation, all the particulars subjoined

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