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Alphabetical    [«  »]
metaphor 1
method 6
metro- 1
metropolitan 26
metropolitans 8
micheas 1
midst 6
Frequency    [«  »]
26 grievous
26 human
26 long
26 metropolitan
26 offices
26 proceed
26 seeing

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 6,2| be null and void. ~But in metropolitan, or cathedral churches, 2 6,2| sufficient, prebend, let the metropolitan, or the bishop himself, 3 7,2| patriarchal, primatial, metropolitan, and cathedral churches, 4 7,2| patriarchal, primatial, metropolitan, or cathedral church, under 5 7,2| proceed yet further, the metropolitan shall, for the subjecting 6 7,2| bishop to denounce his absent metropolitan, to the Roman pontiff, either 7 8,1| at the same time several Metropolitan, or Cathedral, churches, 8 14,3| when to be committed to the Metropolitan, or to one of the nearest 9 14,3| spot, be referred to the metropolitan, or even to his vicar general 10 14,3| in spirituals; or if that metropolitan be for some cause suspected, 11 15,5| be a cause for it, to the metropolitan, or to the nearest bishop; 12 24,2| patriarchal, primatial, metropolitan, and cathe- ./. dral churches 13 24,2| Roman Pontiff, or by the metropolitan, or, in his absence, by 14 24,2| approve of the absence of the metropolitan; except when such absence 15 24,2| even to notify them to the metropolitan; to whom it shall however 16 24,2| ordains, that all cathedral, metropolitan, and other churches greater 17 24,2| provincial Synod, or the metropolitan, aided by the two oldest 18 25,4| Synod, to be held by the metropolitan, there shall be prescribed 19 25,4| against their will to the metropolitan church. Those bishops likewise 20 25,4| choice of some neighbouring metropolitan, at whose provincial Synod 21 25,4| aforesaid shall devolve on the metropolitan. And if the church be itself 22 25,4| the church be itself the metropolitan, or exempted, and the Chapter 23 25,4| suffragan bishops in that metropolitan church, and the nearest 24 26,2| await the sentence of the metropolitan and of the bishops of the 25 26,3| shall be lawful for the metropolitan, in whose province the aforesaid 26 26,3| at the instance of the metropolitan, they shall not take measures

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