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anathematize 2
anathematized 1
anathematizes 1
ancient 26
and 3835
andwhereas 1
anew 2
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27 sufficient
27 thing
26 accordance
26 ancient
26 blood
26 eternal
26 grievous

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 7,2| otherwise, the penalties of the ancient law are renewed against 2 7,2| decree It doth renew, the ancient canons promulgated against 3 14,1| might set forth the true and ancient doctrine touching faith 4 14,1| Eucharist in the sacrarium is so ancient, that even the age of the 5 14,1| councils, and is a very ancient observance of the Catholic 6 14,3| cases the statutes of the ancient canons shall remain untouched. ~ 7 15,1| the most holy and the most ancient Fathers with a great and 8 15,1| punishing of past sins. For the ancient Fathers likewise both believe 9 17,2| law, or by privilege, or ancient custom, are allowed to sit, 10 19,1| which have divaricated from ancient usage; and to turn the heart 11 22,2| hereupon the penalties of the ancient canons. ~CHAPTER III. ~A 12 23,1| therein--to the end that the ancient, complete, and in every 13 23,1| For, having celebrated the ancient Passover, which the multitude 14 23,1| vulgar tongue. Wherefore, the ancient usage of each church, and 15 23,1| persons, in opposition to this ancient faith, which is based on 16 24,2| are, in the sense of the ancient canons, not supposed to 17 24,2| adhering to the traces of the ancient canons, ordains, that when 18 25,1| grace, through Christ, the ancient marriages; with reason have 19 25,3| Synod enjoins, that the ancient prohibitions of solemn nuptials 20 25,4| saving also the right of ancient conventions entered into 21 26,1| sacred writings and the ancient tradition of the Fathers, 22 26,3| has,--to the end that the ancient and regular discipline may 23 26,4| shall be restored to its ancient state. ~CHAPTER XVII. ~Bishops 24 26,7| she has, even in the most ancient times, used the said power, 25 26,7| in accordance with the ancient and approved custom in the 26 27 | also in the traces of the ancient Councils, has, in a decree

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