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Alphabetical    [«  »]
surreptitiously 2
suspected 5
suspend 9
suspended 25
suspension 15
suspensions 3
suspicion 5
Frequency    [«  »]
25 remain
25 revenues
25 she
25 suspended
25 third
25 title
24 although

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 7,2| bishop shall be ipso facto suspended from the exercise of episcopal 2 7,2| so ordained (be similarly suspended) from the exercise of their 3 8,1| orders shall be, ipso jure, suspended from the exercise thereof, 4 8,3| at that time also named, suspended, upon the like advice and 5 11,1| shall not meanwhile be suspended; and that the said holy 6 15,5| prohibited, or interdicted, or suspended, advance to orders, they 7 15,5| him who shall have been suspended from his own orders, or 8 15,5| contravener shall be ipso jure suspended during a year from the exercise 9 15,5| shall in like manner be suspended from the exercise of the 10 17,1| Synod of Trent shall be suspended during two years, as It 11 17,2| his letters, first of all suspended, and afterwards transferred 12 17,2| France, the Council was again suspended ./. and postponed; the 13 23,4| absolution, he shall be suspended from the exercise of his 14 24,2| shall not be able to be suspended by any manner of privilege 15 24,2| who ordains him shall be suspended from conferring orders during 16 24,2| has been ordained shall be suspended from exercising the orders 17 24,2| decree, shall be ipso jure suspended during a year from their 18 24,2| of the said benefices be suspended, or in any way hindered, 19 25,3| custom,-remain ipso jure suspended, until absolved by the Ordinary 20 25,4| giving such copy, he shall be suspended from the exercise of his 21 26,3| therewith, she shall be suspended from her office, for as 22 26,4| those already granted be suspended, extended, or transferred. 23 26,4| but they shall also be suspended from the administration 24 26,4| And if, having been thus suspended, they nevertheless shall 25 26,4| amend, shall be ipso facto suspended; and, if they persist therein,

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