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revelation 3
revellings 1
revenue 6
revenues 25
reverence 11
reverend 12
reverends 1
Frequency    [«  »]
25 jurisdiction
25 months
25 remain
25 revenues
25 she
25 suspended
25 third

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 6,2| to churches, whose annual revenues are slight, and where the 2 15,5| benefice, and from the fruits, revenues, and proceeds of the said 3 22,2| all proceeds whatever, and revenues, as well of dignities, as 4 23,4| effects, rights, fruits, and revenues which he has seized upon, 5 24,2| number of the people and the revenues of the church can support 6 24,2| out of some part of the revenues of any simple benefices, 7 24,2| allow of it,-or out of the revenues of both together, of which 8 24,2| forasmuch as some certain revenues will be necessary, for raising 9 24,2| exempted; as also of the revenues devoted to the fabrics of 10 24,2| all other ecclesiastical revenues and proceeds whatsoever, 11 24,2| except in regard of such revenues as may remain over and above 12 24,2| singular the above-named (revenues), to pay this portion not 13 24,2| others, out of the said revenues,-keeping back however a 14 24,2| receive the accounts of the revenues of the said seminary, in 15 24,2| the province, out of the revenues of two or more churches, 16 25,4| ornaments of the church, or its revenues arising from landed property, 17 25,4| shall take care that the revenues of those buildings be expended 18 25,4| or to augment with fresh revenues; and shall send the documents 19 25,4| to a participation in the revenues, or the daily distributions, 20 25,4| care of the property and revenues of the church, of which 21 26,3| either out of the proper revenues of those monasteries, or 22 26,4| or domestics out of the revenues of the church: seeing that 23 26,4| themselves, as far as their revenues will allow, to exercise 24 26,4| of the fruits, rents, or revenues of any benefices whatsoever, 25 26,4| have pensions out of the revenues of benefices which their

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