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Alphabetical    [«  »]
mont-de-piete 1
monte 2
month 33
months 25
monts-de-piete 2
monuments 1
moral 1
Frequency    [«  »]
25 glory
25 honour
25 jurisdiction
25 months
25 remain
25 revenues
25 she

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 1 | after the interval of two months from the day of being published 2 6,2| duty for the space of three months, let them be compelled by 3 7,2| shall, by remaining six months together out of his own 4 7,2| this way during six other months, he shall thereupon forfeit 5 7,2| within the space of three months, under the penalty, to be 6 8,1| resign the rest, within six months if they are at the free 7 8,1| beyond the period of six months, shall be of no avail to 8 14,4| great earnestness for many months past for their coming, nevertheless, 9 17,2| after an interval of two months from the day of being published 10 22,2| they shall not, within six months, have visited or corrected 11 23,4| the space of at least six months. And information on these 12 24,2| absent during five continuous months; the sacred and holy Synod, 13 24,2| exceed two, or at most three, months; except for the causes above 14 24,2| a larger period than two months, except for some weighty 15 24,2| consecration within three months; where the consecration 16 24,2| shall not, within three months, have received the rite 17 24,2| this within three other months afterwards, they shall be 18 25,4| souls, shall, within two months at the latest from the day 19 25,4| those churches, above three months in each year-saving, however, 20 25,4| within the space of six months; otherwise as well the parish 21 26,3| resign the rest, within six months: but after that period, 22 26,3| into, previous to the two months' nearest Profession, shall 23 26,3| his vicar, within the two months immediately preceding profession; 24 26,3| either to make, within six months, a solemn profession of 25 26,4| within the space of three months, otherwise he shall be ipso

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