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mighty 1
mildest 1
military 7
mind 24
minded 1
mindful 5
minds 7
Frequency    [«  »]
24 crime
24 herein
24 know
24 mind
24 mother
24 ordain
24 pretext

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 1 | wisdom. Then, recalling to mind that our predecessors, men 2 1 | remedy, we also fixed our mind on holding a general council; 3 3,1| together, but with mouth and mind association with the celebrant. 4 3,1| judgment be warped by the mind being troubled. ~Furthermore, 5 5,1| doubt may arise in any one's mind, which are the books that 6 7,1| renewed in the spirit of our mind, and we are not only reputed, 7 14,1| day by day brings to her mind all truth, has always retained, 8 14,1| she recognising, with a mind ever grateful and unforgetting, 9 14,1| communicate, ought to recall to mind the precept of the Apostle; 10 14,1| length agree and be of one mind in this sign of unity, in 11 14,1| perpetual health of their mind; that being invigorated 12 14,3| all admonished to bear in mind, that they are pastors and 13 15,1| sin and a godly sorrow of mind, detest so great an offence 14 15,1| penitent, is a sorrow of mind, and a detestation for sin 15 15,1| should, with true sorrow of mind, practise these works of 16 17,2| casting the eyes of our mind over every part of the Christian 17 17,2| without the greatest sorrow of mind. But at length the Lord, 18 23,3| in body only, but also in mind and devout affection of 19 24,2| a meaning alien from the mind of the sacred and holy Synod, 20 25,4| above all things bear in mind that they cannot do anything 21 25,4| reverence and devotion of mind, the holy Synod enjoins 22 26,2| continually revolving in mind the articles of faith; as 23 26,4| common kind which moves the mind of the bishop thereunto, 24 26,4| they every where bear in mind that they are fathers and

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