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wont 12
wood 1
woollen 1
word 23
words 48
work 20
worketh 5
Frequency    [«  »]
23 punishment
23 read
23 thought
23 word
22 beginning
22 censures
22 chapters

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 1 | Vicenza, we, now avoiding the word prorogation, so often repeated 2 3,1| sentiments, even under the word Placet, (It pleaseth us,) 3 4,1| the spirit, which is the word of God. Wherefore, that 4 5,1| either by Christ's own word of mouth, or by the Holy 5 5,2| profaners and violators of the word of God, be by the bishops 6 6,2| II. ~On Preachers of the word of God, and on Questors 7 6,2| their diocese; lest that word be fulfilled; The little 8 7,1| they immediately hear that word of Christ; If thou wilt 9 8,1| power to administer the word, and all the sacraments; 10 14,5| as well in writing as by word of mouth, as many articles 11 15,1| the power of preaching the word of God, and of an nouncing 12 15,1| false, and alien from the word of God, that the guilt is 13 15,5| themselves can be by one word silenced by them, for that 14 16,2| either in writing, or by word of mouth, and to explain, 15 19,3| either in writing or by word of mouth, and to explain, 16 24,1| exercise the ministry of the word of God. And if any one affirm, 17 24,1| choosing ministers of the word of God and of the sacraments; 18 24,1| lawful ministers of the word and of the sacraments; let 19 24,2| preaching of the divine word, by the administration of 20 25,1| carnal liberty, they have by word and writing asserted, not 21 25,4| frequented in order to hear the word of God. No one shall preach 22 25,4| conveniently done, to hear the word of God. But no one, whether 23 26,2| that it is repugnant to the word of God; and is opposed to

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