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those 541
thou 7
though 136
thought 23
thoughts 2
thousand 2
threatened 1
Frequency    [«  »]
23 published
23 punishment
23 read
23 thought
23 word
22 beginning
22 censures

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 4,1| cause, this council has thought good, that the Symbol of 2 5,1| continuous succession. And it has thought it meet that a list of the 3 7,2| and Christian people, has thought it fit to begin with those 4 8,1| and of the Fathers, has thought fit that these present canons 5 8,1| residence and reformation, has thought good to ordain as follows,- 6 8,1| sacred and holy Synod hath thought ought to be renewed, and 7 8,1| which this holy Synod hath thought fit to renew, and doth hereby 8 15,1| of God never taught, or thought: and falsely also do they 9 15,1| mortal sins, even those of thought, render men children of 10 15,1| occur to him after diligent thought, are understood to be included 11 15,1| even as no Catholic ever thought, by this kind of satisfactions 12 15,5| See presiding therein, has thought fit that these canons following 13 16,1| Session ; and whereas it was thought that, in the interim, there 14 19,1| pernicious a disorder; It hath thought good, that Fathers specially 15 20,1| cerain just and good reasons, thought fit to prorogue, and doth 16 22,1| Catholic Church, It has thought fit, that what relates to 17 22,2| See presiding therein,-has thought fit that, to the praise 18 23,4| may be proceeded with, has thought good that the following 19 25,1| rashness of these men, has thought it proper, lest their pernicious 20 25,4| that if at any time it be thought proper, for just, weighty, 21 26,3| subject of reformation, has thought fit that the things following 22 26,3| it has been preserved,--thought it necessary to enjoin, 23 26,4| ecclesiastical persons, has thought fit, that Secular princes

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