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Alphabetical    [«  »]
obstinate 1
obstinately 3
obstruct 1
obtain 23
obtained 29
obtaining 15
obtains 1
Frequency    [«  »]
23 ipso
23 matter
23 morals
23 obtain
23 published
23 punishment
23 read

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 1 | and we, have a right to obtain from the prelates and princes 2 3,1| be best carried out and obtain the desired effect; that, 3 5,2| they shall be bound to obtain a license also from their 4 6,2| everlasting punishment, and obtain the glory of heaven. And 5 7,1| is made an heir, and will obtain the inheritance, even though 6 7,1| prize? So run that you may obtain. I therefore so run, not 7 8,1| the desire thereof, men obtain of God, through faith alone, 8 14,3| certain persons fraudulently obtain graces, whereby the punishments 9 14,3| go unpunished, but even obtain for him that tells it, the 10 15,1| yet does it dispose him to obtain the grace of God in the 11 15,5| possessions, and rights, obtain certain judges to be deputed 12 15,5| order to another, ordinarily obtain permission easily from their 13 15,5| CHAPTER XII. ~No one shall obtain a right of patronage, except 14 15,5| dignity, can, or ought to, obtain, or acquire a right of patronage, 15 23,1| this is effected, that we obtain mercy, and find grace in 16 24,2| Ordinary. And they shall not obtain permission to be absent,-- 17 24,2| holy Synod under Paul III., obtain, during the vacancy of the 18 24,2| extended to those who shall obtain the said letters, not from 19 25,3| in this case more easily obtain a dispensation, and that 20 25,4| people may be enabled to obtain from God a good pastor. ~ 21 25,4| view that those who should obtain them, might be pre-eminent 22 26,4| their order, inability to obtain benefices, or in other ways, 23 26,4| their sons, that one may obtain the benefice of the other,

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