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further 23
furthermore 38
furthest 2
future 23
gain 1
gaines 1
gains 1
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23 freely
23 full
23 further
23 future
23 happen
23 hindered
23 ipso

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 1 | servants of God, for the future memory hereof. ~At the beginning 2 5,2| author; nor to sell them in future, or even to keep them, unless 3 6,2| those places. But, for the future, let not such prebend, prestimony, 4 7,2| it will surely for the future happen, that those who are 5 8,1| Whosoever shall for the future presume to accept, or to 6 11,2| servants of God, for the future memory hereof. ~Whereas, 7 15,1| purpose of not sinning for the future. This movement of contrition 8 15,1| cautious and watchful for the future; they are also remedies 9 23,4| discretion. Nor, for the future, shall any such office be 10 24,2| admitted. ~No one shall for the future be promoted to the order 11 24,2| that no one shall for the future be ordained without being 12 24,2| usage, ordains that, for the future, such functions shall not 13 25,3| it ordains that, for the future, before a marriage is contracted, 14 25,4| province shall not, for the future, be compelled, under the 15 25,4| sacred orders is for the future to be annexed; in such wise, 16 25,4| ducats, shall not for the future be burthened with any manner 17 25,4| Cardinalate,-ordain, that, for the future, one ecclesiastical benefice 18 25,4| whatsoever in regard of future vacancies in benefices, 19 25,4| of doubting may, at any future period, arise out of the 20 26,3| fixed upon and be for the future retained, as can be conveniently 21 26,3| Neither shall it, for the future, be lawful to appoint provincials, 22 26,4| regards coadjutorships with future succession, the same shall 23 26,4| coadjutor with (the right of) future succession shall not otherwise

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