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enjoin 5
enjoined 11
enjoining 3
enjoins 23
enjoy 9
enjoyed 1
enkindled 2
Frequency    [«  »]
23 conveniently
23 discretion
23 emperor
23 enjoins
23 following
23 freely
23 full

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 3,1| as the same Holy Ghost enjoins by the apostle, supplications, 2 5,2| the Synod) commands and enjoins, for the doing away with 3 7,2| vigilant, as the Apostle enjoins, that they labour in all 4 25,3| annuls them. Moreover It enjoins, that the parish priest, 5 25,3| not be unknown to any, It enjoins on all Ordinaries, that 6 25,3| looked for, the holy Synod enjoins on all, of whatsoever grade, 7 25,3| certain times. ~The holy Synod enjoins, that the ancient prohibitions 8 25,4| of mind, the holy Synod enjoins on all bishops, that, not 9 25,4| desire them, the holy Synod enjoins on bishops, that for the 10 25,4| detests these practices, It enjoins on bishops, that they suffer 11 26,1| the altar; the holy Synod enjoins on bishops that they diligently 12 26,2| SACRED IMAGES.~The holy Synod enjoins on all bishops, and others 13 26,3| which begins Periculoso, enjoins on all bishops, by the judgment 14 26,3| to furnish this aid, and enjoins, under pain of excommunication, 15 26,3| above all things strictly enjoins, that all the aforesaid 16 26,3| Yea rather the holy Synod enjoins, under the pain of anathema 17 26,3| once by all.~The holy Synod enjoins, that all and singular the 18 26,3| as soon as possible, It enjoins on all bishops that, in 19 26,4| Wherefore the holy Synod enjoins on patriarchs, primates, 20 26,4| Wherefore, the holy Synod enjoins on all, of whatsoever rank 21 26,4| ordains, therefore, and enjoins, that the sacred canons, 22 26,7| holy Synod teaches, and enjoins, that the use of Indulgences, 23 26,9| of by the holy Synod; It enjoins that whatsoever has been

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