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convened 1
convenience 3
convenient 10
conveniently 23
convent 14
conventions 1
convents 13
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23 baptized
23 books
23 celebration
23 conveniently
23 discretion
23 emperor
23 enjoins

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 1 | treated of and negotiated more conveniently at Rome in our presence. 2 6,2| lectureship of Theology cannot be conveniently had therein, let them at 3 6,2| Scripture, where this can be conveniently done: wherein of the abbots 4 6,2| Regulars, in which studies can conveniently flourish, let there be in 5 14,3| city, or diocese, and can conveniently be present; or in their 6 14,4| Session, which, that they may conveniently be present thereat, It hath 7 19,1| Christian truth, and may more conveniently deliberate and determine, 8 22,2| certain that he can live conveniently from other sources; and 9 24,2| the province, if it can be conveniently done. ~CHAPTER III. ~Bishops, 10 24,2| functions, as far as it can be conveniently done, in the cathedral, 11 24,2| singly a college cannot conveniently be established, and there 12 25,4| shall, as far as it can be conveniently done, select out of all 13 25,4| church, where it can be conveniently done, to hear the word of 14 25,4| if need be, and it can be conveniently done; and in accordance 15 25,4| churches, where it can be conveniently done, the bishop shall appoint 16 25,4| in provinces where it can conveniently be done, all the dignities, 17 25,4| number shall be left as may conveniently serve for the celebration 18 26,3| future retained, as can be conveniently supported, either out of 19 26,4| memory. But if this cannot conveniently be done, or if it be not 20 26,5| lateness of the hour, be conveniently despatched; therefore, according 21 26,7| are committed, they cannot conveniently be specially prohibited; 22 26,9| cannot be distinctly and conveniently judged of by the holy Synod; 23 27 | that so it may be more conveniently made known throughout the

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