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Alphabetical    [«  »]
obtaining 15
obtains 1
obviate 1
occasion 22
occasions 1
occupied 1
occur 2
Frequency    [«  »]
22 kings
22 much
22 nature
22 occasion
22 perpetual
22 portion
22 remission

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 8,1| straitened (for time), by occasion of some ecclesistical benefice 2 8,3| which we had on another occasion, for reasons then stated, 3 8,3| which have been on other occasion addressed unto you: declaring 4 14,3| whilst, should they on any occasion be able to be present, their 5 15,1| fac tion, as that, taking occasion therefrom, thinking sins 6 15,5| their monastery, whereby occasion is given of their wandering 7 16,2| this regard and for this occasion. ~And if the holy Synod, 8 19,3| this regard and for this occasion. And if the holy Synod, 9 22,1| articles, proposed on another occasion, but which have not as yet 10 23,4| many injuries, and gives occasion to many lawsuits, the bishop, 11 23,4| found incompetent, or on any occasion guilty of a delinquency 12 23,5| been proposed on another occasion, but had not then been as 13 24,2| Finally, if, either upon occasion of the said unions, or the 14 25,2| innocent one who gave not occasion to the adultery, cannot 15 25,3| each province. But if upon occasion, there should be a probable 16 25,4| of bishops, and to give occasion to those exempted to lead 17 25,4| being desirous that no occasion of doubting may, at any 18 26,2| doctrine, and furnishing occasion of dangerous error to the 19 26,4| down, on the very first occasion that the synod shall be 20 26,4| testators are frustrated, and occasion is given for burthening 21 26,4| for any manner of cause or occasion, meddle with the receiving 22 26,7| have crept therein, and by occasion of which this honourable

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