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native 1
nativity 5
natural 4
nature 22
nay 1
near 4
nearest 9
Frequency    [«  »]
22 how
22 kings
22 much
22 nature
22 occasion
22 perpetual
22 portion

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 6,1| either by the powers of human nature, or by any other remedy 2 6,1| has the true and proper nature of sin is not taken away; 3 7,1| I. ~On the Inability of Nature and of the Law to justify 4 7,1| as the apostle says, by nature children of wrath, as (this 5 7,1| Gentiles only by the force of nature, but not even the Jews by 6 7,1| of good works, and on the nature of that merit. ~Before men, 7 7,1| through the teaching of human nature, or that of the law, without 8 15,1| Cases. ~Wherefore, since the nature and order of a judgment 9 15,1| possible. And truly the nature of divine justice seems 10 23,1| visible sacrifice, such as the nature of man requires, whereby 11 23,1| sacrifices, during the period of nature, and of the law; in as much 12 23,1| And whereas such is the nature of man, that, without external 13 24,2| teaching in schools of this nature may be provided for at less 14 25,4| this office to be of such a nature, as that were it to be pondered 15 25,4| cause shall be of such a nature that it must necessarily 16 26,3| moveable or immoveable, of what nature soever it may be, or in 17 26,4| Regular, each according to the nature of his rank, but the Synod 18 26,4| are made to be of the same nature as those unto which they 19 26,4| to whom causes of this nature may be committed by any 20 26,4| abstain not from crime of this nature, and, upon being admonished 21 26,4| punish them according to the nature of their guilt, even with 22 26,7| church, all abuses of this nature, and to report them in the

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