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confer 19
conference 2
conferences 1
conferred 22
conferring 3
confers 2
confess 21
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22 censures
22 chapters
22 cognizance
22 conferred
22 exhorts
22 how
22 kings

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 6,1| Lord Jesus Christ, which is conferred in baptism, the guilt of 2 8,1| the New Law grace is not conferred through the act performed, 3 8,1| which was true and rightly conferred, is to be repeated, for 4 8,1| III. ~Benefices shall be conferred solely on capable individuals. ~ 5 8,1| cure of souls, shall be conferred on persons worthy and capable, 6 15,5| Regular Benefices shall be conferred on Regulars. ~Benefices 7 15,5| or otherwise, shall be conferred on religious of that order 8 23,4| office that is about to be conferred upon him; and he shall, 9 24,1| it is clear that grace is conferred by sacred ordination, which 10 24,1| priests; or, that orders, conferred by them, without the consent, 11 24,2| shall two sacred Orders be conferred on the same day. ~Such as 12 24,2| sacred orders shall not be conferred on the same day, even upon 13 24,2| and of hospitals which are conferred under title or administration, 14 24,2| of theology, shall not be conferred on any but doctors, or masters, 15 25,4| collegiate churches, be conferred only on masters, or doctors, 16 25,4| ecclesiastical benefice only shall be conferred on one and the same person. 17 25,4| the person on whom it is conferred, it shall then be lawful 18 25,4| as void shall be freely conferred on other competent persons; 19 26,3| hereafter, they shall be conferred solely on Regulars of distinguished 20 26,4| benefices of this kind shall be conferred, as being free, by those 21 26,4| when vacant, be freely conferred as previously. ~As regards 22 26,4| shall be separated, and be conferred upon other persons. ~In

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