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cod 2
coerce 1
coerced 1
cognizance 22
cognizant 2
cohabitation 2
col- 1
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22 beginning
22 censures
22 chapters
22 cognizance
22 conferred
22 exhorts
22 how

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 6,2| case shall have been taken cognizance of, and decided. ~Regulars, 2 8,1| persons which may be taken cognizance of by bishops. ~In the causes 3 14,3| bishop shall take summary cognizance of graces whereby a sin, 4 14,3| the Apostolic See, take cognizance even summarily of the surreption 5 14,3| episcopal causes shall be taken cognizance of by the Supreme Pontiff. 6 15,5| dispense, without having taking cognizance of the case, and after the 7 23,4| office, they shall take cognizance of, and see to the performance,-- 8 25,4| except for a cause taken cognizance and approved of in the provincial 9 25,4| greater causes shall be taken cognizance of by the Sovereign Pontiff 10 25,4| deprivation, shall be taken cognizance of and decided by the Sovereign 11 25,4| of bishops shall be taken cognizance of and decided in the provincial 12 25,4| united shall be again taken cognizance of by the Ordinaries, pursuant 13 25,4| themselves carefully take cognizance of their constitutions, 14 25,4| See, having power to take cognizance of any surreption, obreption, 15 25,4| benefices, shall be taken cognizance of, in the first instance, 16 25,4| archdeacon, touching the cognizance of this class of causes: 17 26,2| the said bishop has taken cognizance and approved thereof; who, 18 26,4| been observed; whereas the cognizance hereof does not appertain 19 26,4| been first diligently taken cognizance of by the most holy Roman 20 26,4| shall be carefully taken cognizance of by the said Ordinaries, 21 26,4| of the aforesaid; and the cognizance of all the matters above-named 22 26,4| the cause has been taken cognizance of, and after the most mature

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