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providendo 1
provident 2
providing 2
province 20
provinces 18
provincial 35
provincials 1
Frequency    [«  »]
20 peter
20 pius
20 priesthood
20 province
20 reasons
20 restored
20 retained

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 11,2| tranquillity of Germany,-a province indeed which, in times past, 2 14,4| those, of the most noble province of Germany, who call themselves 3 16,2| soever they may be, of the province and nation of Germany,- 4 19,3| soever they may be, of the province and nation of Germany, and 5 24,2| been promoted, or in the province, if it can be conveniently 6 24,2| met with there, of that province, in a college to be chosen 7 24,2| But if the churches in any province labour under so great poverty, 8 24,2| convenient church of the province, out of the revenues of 9 25,3| the received rite of each province. But if upon occasion, there 10 25,4| prescribed for each place and province a proper form of examination, 11 25,4| a Synod, each in his own province, within a year at latest 12 25,4| according to the custom of the province; at which council all the 13 25,4| peril. The bishops of the province shall not, for the future, 14 25,4| of the bishops of their province, except for a cause taken 15 25,4| utility and habits of each province. But, in the mean time, 16 25,4| compelled to plead out of the province, either in the second or 17 26,2| and of the bishops of the province, in a provincial Council; 18 26,3| the metropolitan, in whose province the aforesaid monasteries 19 26,3| within the limits of one province, for the establishing of 20 26,4| the bishops of the same province shall be bound, under pain

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