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ministering 2
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minor 15
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20 less
20 living
20 lost
20 ministry
20 must
20 old
20 permission

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 7,2| things, and fulfil their ministry: but let them know, that 2 15,1| retained. ~CHAPTER VI. ~On the ministry of this Sacrament, and on 3 15,1| perniciously extend the ministry of the keys to any others 4 15,1| bounty, yet is it not a bare ministry only, whether of announcing 5 15,3| judicial act, but a bare ministry of pronouncing and declaring 6 15,5| offence to any man, that their ministry be not blamed; but in all 7 15,5| to serve in an inferior ministry, than, to the scandal of 8 15,5| be granted, even for the ministry of sacred orders, and of 9 22,2| are enrolled in the divine ministry, to beg, or to exercise 10 23,1| the Church through (the ministry of) priests, in memory of 11 23,1| same now offering by the ministry of priests, who then offered 12 23,4| themselves to the divine ministry. For as they are seen to 13 24,1| Orders. ~And whereas the ministry of so holy a priesthood 14 24,1| they do not exercise the ministry of the word of God. And 15 24,1| only an office and bare ministry of preaching the Gospel, 16 24,2| bishop to the service or ministry of some church, serve and 17 24,2| received into the sacred ministry shall be summoned to the 18 24,2| they have not exercised the ministry (of that order). ~CHAPTER 19 24,2| serve in the ecclesiastical ministry. And It wishes that the 20 24,2| assign some of them to the ministry of the churches, the others

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