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sat 1
satan 1
satanical 1
satisfaction 19
satisfactions 4
satisfactorily 1
satisfactory 1
Frequency    [«  »]
19 rightly
19 rights
19 rule
19 satisfaction
19 scripture
19 spirit
19 taught

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 7,1| wood of the cross, and made satisfaction for us unto God the Father; 2 7,1| absolution; and likewise satisfaction by fasts, alms, prayers, 3 15,1| contrition, confession and satisfaction, are as it were the matter 4 15,1| necessity and on the fruit of Satisfaction. ~Finally, as regards satisfaction,-- 5 15,1| Satisfaction. ~Finally, as regards satisfaction,--which as it is, of all 6 15,1| whilst we thus, by making satisfaction, suffer for our sins, we 7 15,1| him. But neither is this satisfaction, which we discharge for 8 15,1| them have in view, that the satisfaction, which they impose, be not 9 15,1| of the merit and of the satisfaction of our Lord Jesus Christ 10 15,1| entire efficacy and use of satisfaction. ~CHAPTER IX. ~On Works 11 15,1| CHAPTER IX. ~On Works of Satisfaction. ~The Synod teaches furthermore, 12 15,1| through Jesus Christ to make satisfaction to God the Father, not only 13 15,3| contrition, confession, and satisfaction, which are called the three 14 15,3| order to impose a canonical satisfaction; or saith that they, who 15 15,3| the guilt, and that the satisfaction of penitents is no other 16 15,3| If any one saith, that satisfaction for sins, as to their temporal 17 15,3| any one saith, that the satisfaction, by which enitents redeem 18 23,4| whatsoever; and ever after entire satisfaction and absolution, he shall 19 25,4| they shall be bound to make satisfaction to the parties for the damages

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