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periculoso 1
peril 3
perils 1
period 19
periol 1
perish 3
perished 1
Frequency    [«  »]
19 merit
19 ordination
19 parts
19 period
19 provision
19 publicly
19 religious

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 8,1| granted within the aforenamed period, have not as yet been carried 2 8,1| granted, extending beyond the period of six months, shall be 3 23,1| of sacrifices, during the period of nature, and of the law; 4 24,2| only absent for a short period, are, in the sense of the 5 24,2| cathedral church during the period of the Advent of the Lord, 6 24,2| gratuitously,--for a larger period than two months, except 7 24,2| received, for as long a period as shall seem expedient 8 25,2| or for an indeterminate period; let him be anathema. ~CANON 9 25,4| at the expiration of that period, it shall be free for the 10 25,4| despatch; nor, before that period, shall the causes be committed 11 25,4| doubting may, at any future period, arise out of the decrees 12 26,3| convent, even for a brief period, under any pretext whatever, 13 26,3| six months: but after that period, if she have not resigned, 14 26,3| and of no effect. When the period of the noviciate is ended, 15 26,3| nor any other, at a later period, make her profession, until 16 26,3| her office, for as long a period as the bishop shall think 17 26,4| repeated presentations during a period of time so remote that it 18 26,4| terminate causes in as brief a period as possible; and to meet 19 26,4| themselves, for as long a period as shall seem fit to the

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