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Alphabetical    [«  »]
appertaining 3
appertains 4
application 2
applied 19
apply 23
applying 1
appoint 17
Frequency    [«  »]
20 work
20 worthy
19 abbots
19 applied
19 cardinal
19 common
19 communion

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 1 | precision. We, in the mean time, applied ourselves to that holy and 2 6,1| merit of Jesus Christ is applied, both to adults and to infants, 3 7,2| one year's fruits, to be applied, by an ecclesiastical superior, 4 7,2| part of the fruits to be applied in like manner. But if the 5 15,1| of the death of Christ is applied to those who have fallen 6 15,2| that this unction is to be applied to the sick, but to those 7 22,2| reserved, or in what way soever applied: the which unions shall 8 22,2| many remedies, heretofore applied by divers councils in their 9 23,1| and its salutary virtue be applied to the remission of those 10 23,3| industry and diligence is to be applied to this end, that it be 11 23,4| therein, but it shall be applied to the fabric of the church, 12 24,2| be hereby looked upon as applied to this seminary under the 13 25,3| more efficacious remedy be applied; wherefore, treading in 14 25,4| deductions from the fruits, not applied to pious uses, are prohibited. ~ 15 25,4| proceeds of which shall be applied towards the daily distributions 16 25,4| the bishop has been first applied to, and has shown himself 17 26,3| a remedy can neither be applied at once to all, nor common 18 26,4| which third part shall be applied to the fabric of the church, 19 26,4| pensions, which shall be applied to the places aforesaid,

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