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more 147
moreover 33
morone 3
mortal 18
mortally 2
mortify 2
mortifying 1
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18 germany
18 hand
18 monastery
18 mortal
18 necessity
18 obedience
18 possess

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 7,1| For, although, during this mortal life, men, how holy and 2 7,1| so long as he is in this mortal life, ought so far to presume 3 7,1| CHAPTER XV. ~That, by every mortal sin, grace is lost, but 4 7,1| lost, but also by any other mortal sin whatever, though faith 5 7,1| saith, that there is no mortal sin but that of infidelity; 6 8,1| that a minister, being in mortal sin,-if so be that he observe 7 14,1| faults, and be preserved from mortal sins. He would, furthermore, 8 14,1| conscious to himself of mortal sin, how contrite soever 9 14,2| conscience is burthened with mortal sin, how contrite even soever 10 15,1| defiled themselves by any mortal sin, even for those who 11 15,1| judges, unto whom all the mortal crimes, into which the faithful 12 15,1| is gathered that all the mortal sins, of which, after a 13 15,1| remedies. But, whereas all mortal sins, even those of thought, 14 15,1| even priests, who are in mortal sin, exercise, through the 15 15,3| confess all and singular the mortal sins which after due and 16 15,3| remembered, even those (mortal sins) which are secret, 17 15,3| that priests, who are in mortal sin, have not the power 18 24,2| Paul III., and the guilt of mortal sin which such an one incurs,

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